26th January 2014 3pm

Well what a fantastic night last night at the Directors Guild Of America Awards the Red Carpet event was held at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Beverley Hills rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck is always nice ;) lol but my own personal highlight was meeting the great Paul Greengrass the enigmatic director of one of last years biggest hits “Captain Phillips” and of course previously the superb Jason Bourne movies. It must be said for all his fame and fortune Mr Greengrass was a true english Gentleman and a pleasure to meet. Here are a few exclusive pictures from the evening……….


Director of Captain Phillips


Hostess and Comedienne


Producer and Director

Eliza Cortez On Red Carpet


1st January 2014 8pm

Well here we go another year starts I just wanted to share a few thoughts with everyone and hopefully with it being a new year my resolution can be to keep this updated more ;)

So, hello 2014! Just a day old at this point and full of endless possibilities. The first day of the year is a good reset for a lot of folks.
I’ve always believed that you can hit that reset button whenever you want,so Hit that reset button with a sledge hammer and
recognized each coming days will give you that definitive line in the a misery free..
Happy 2014 everyone..grab on to my tail and just hold on for the ride baby!



2nd November 2013 6pm 


Ok so last night was the live performance of my new song Oh La La it was an amazing experience I just wanted to share a little snippet of this so please enjoy the below and see me giving it some moves ;) lol

24th October 2013 1pm

Well just about to set off on another adventure to Europe specifically UK London where I will be performing live, Nervous but cant wait ;)

9th August 2013 8pm

Just like anyone, I have always wondered what it would be like to fly. As a child I used to pretend that I was superman, an airplane, a bird, anything that flew through the air. even in my sleep i dream im flying up in the air and today I got to fly for the first time, and jumping in the plane.. so we got into the south of San Diego almost closed to the border of Mexico in Otay Lakes called Jamul.we arrived there around 1:00 pm and about an hour and half of my schedule time ,they asked me to signed a form saying that I wouldn’t sue the company if I was injured and that nobody in my family could sue them if I died, watched a three minute video, and then staff of the skydiving center talks to you to learn about how to position yourself during freefall. he explains that there would be a guy strapped onto my back who would monitor our rate of fall, control our descent, and deploy the parachute.

I was then introduced to Scotty, who was my instructor and tandem skydiving partner,he was around early thirty’s and was a little cute with tatoos all around his arm..He said to me right away that he will be my bestfriend for a moment till we safeland hopefully… with his smile..I asked him how many times he had jumped with someone and he said that he had over12,000 jumps to his credit.and he said to me that this is going to be the greatest thing i’ve ever done, and to just trust him.. I had not experienced any anxiety or nervousness about the dive until we were about 6,000 feet in the air. The cargo hatch door was about closed to 8 feet in front of me, but I had an angle to where I could see the ground far below us. “Holy crap!”, I thought. ”I’m going to be jumping out of this thing in just a few minutes!”and as the ground upon my sight tends to get smaller my heart starts to pound faster, and Scotty push me from the bench where we sat and said to me to get to the edge of the plane as we are about to jump ..thats when i started really neurotic..i was trying to stick my both legs to the floor like i really wanted to back out and Scottie on my behind with his long legs went in between mine and for a moment i was totally screaming and next time i knew..we both were blown in the air,with the wind whipping through my hair.It was a bit hard to breath at first because the wind just kept blowing up at my face. We just have to keep our head up and breath through our noses.

After the second time, it was a bit better when I got used to it and not thinking about it. It felt like a really short session. ,then my instructor slaps my arm and raised my arms .i was looking 12,000 feet below me and it was AMAZINGLY beautiful, a seemingly endless horizon where the clear blue sky never quite touched the ground. The wind was loud in my ears and im glad i put up my hair so i would not blew my hair all overmy instructors face.It was so beautiful up there and i felt NO FEAR at all anymore,I even raised my arms higher and this time screaming loud for JOY..yohooooooooooo, I was laughing with JOY..During the glide,I could see the Lake and roads, cars, houses, open fields, and little people far down below. It was breathtaking and very calm up there- It was indeed the best BEST ever expeience I have ever had.

I looked out upon that beautiful earth and was surprised to feel complete peace within myself. In that moment, I owned the world. I felt a fullness of life that I had never experienced before. I was Zen. To my great surprise, I did not see the earth approach me as I fell. The view from 12,000 feet was no different from the view at 5,000 feet when Scottie deployed the parachute.we slowed from 120 mph to 15 mph in less than a second.

The landing was not as I thought it would be. I remember seeing videos of military operations where those guys would hit the earth fast and hard, and have to do a roll on the ground to try to avoid breaking a leg. This was as light as a feather. You cruise into the grass with your legs up high and put your feet down at the last second.It was such a gentle touchdown that I didn’t even know I was on the ground until I felt the parachute falling to the ground behind me. I thanked Scottie and gave him a big hug. I got out of the harness and returned him my goggles,They gave me a certificate to show that I had completed my first skydive and I drove away from that little airport with the pulse of life rushing through me., I believe that the awesome power of my first skydive has overcome my greatest fear. It is an experience that I hope to undertake many, many more times and shall never forget.




My Visit to Krakow,Poland 

As I finally made my way through Central and Eastern Europe, I vowed to see Krakow i couldn’t stop raving about how amazing the city is. 

18th July 2013 6pm (UK Time)

Well yesterday was the second half of the documentary and what a wonderful day it was first class treatment from both the staff at Del Mar races and at the L’Auberge here is a couple of exclusive pictures from behind the scenes.

Me and my wonderful CBS Cameraman John Boren, Thanks John for your great work :)

Me interviewing  jockey Joel Rosario and trainer Peter Miller sweeping the first two races, Joel Rosario smiles in the Winner’s Circle after winning the day’s 1st.The 76th season of horse racing at the Del Mar Racetrack.

Mr Bill Ziering ( horse owner) and myself with ”Kates Event” triple winner at the Tiznow Stakes his genes and ancestry were Seatle Slew the only undefeated horse who won triple crown and now a legacy.Sire of seven North American Champions and one European Champion.
and One of only eleven Kentucky Derby winners to sire a Kentucky Derby Winner.

1st July 2013 1am (UK Time)

Ok its time to go back to San Diego again :( had another lovely time and cant wait to be back, goodbye my beautiful England. Time now to plan  the second half of my movie and filming at Del Mar Races in a couple of weeks and the exclusive L’Auberge party.

30th June 2013 1am (UK Time)

Another great shoot yesterday with my wonderful photographer friend Eddie Baldiszar heres another sneak preview from the shoot

29th June 2013 1am (UK Time)

Down in London now after meeting my lovely friend Stuart Phillips the celebrity hairstylist to the stars and attending the Art In Fushion lovely event hosted by the sweet Rebeca Rioforo.

27th June 2013 8pm (UK Time)

Lovely day relaxing in Mansfield again and a little retail theraphy ;) lol finished off with a beautiful sunset shoot in Berry Hill Park.

26th June 2013 11pm (UK Time)

Back home in UK again for shoot with the Fantastic Ian Mcmanus today it was great shoot and MUA Lucie was wonderful too :) cant wait for pictures to be edited to get them up on my page. Here is all of us after the shoot.

23rd June 2013 11pm (Krakow Time)

Well its day 2 in Krakow and i have to say it is one of those days i will never forget. Firstly i went to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps it was very moving but then to top the whole day i met a survivor Eva Mozes Kor (See Below)of the holocaust, you can meet all the famous people in the world but meeting someone like this is something i will hold close to my heart forever.


21st June 2013 10pm (Krakow Time)

Well here I am in Krakow :) what a beautiful hotel and a beautiful city i am already feeling it. I had a few hours in the beautiful market square earlier and met a few fans ;) lol it was so heartwarming. I just wanted to share a few memories from my first day :)

18th June 2013 7pm (Uk Time)

Just back from Royal Ascot and first part of filming my show it was a great day finished off by seeing the queen of England at close quarters, I was also used on the TV show for the whole week on Channel 4 uk, I felt so honoured and to top it all i bet two winning horses :) lol

15th June 2013 6pm (Uk Time)

Well, here i am in UK at last two whole weeks ahead of me, very tired from Journey but never too tired to have a night out in the beautiful British countryside heres me simply loving life at Gunthorpe Bridge on a beautiful sunny evening.


12th June 2013 2pm

Well happy Birthday to me :) cant wait for UK trip in a couple of days including filiming at Royal Ascot and a trip to Krakow cant wait to share all my experiences stay tuned for exclusvie behind scenes pics and videos ;) lol

20th April 2013 9am

Well its been too long and time i updated my blog with my adventures, just planning trip to UK 15th June for my Birthday and pulling in some important meetings and a little partying of course ;) lol

22nd March 2013 10am

Well it has finally arrived Issue 11 of faceon magazine with my double page spread and interview I am so proud to represent this global up and coming magazine please do not forget to order soon as there are limited copies apoparently its the best selling edition yet ;)

20th March 2013 10am

I recieved a lovely gift box from Lacura Make Up this morning delivered courtesy of Weber Shandwick one of worlds biggest advertising agencies :) as you all know I love the product from Aldi as a brilliant cost effective make up which i promote :) thank you Lacura!!!!


17th March 2013 11am

What a brilliant experience and priviledge it was last night to attend a Red Carpet charity event in Beverly Hills last night It was such an honourable cause and very humbling. If anyone would like to learn more please go here  The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with in-country partners to deliver a holistic approach to educating children in developing countries. Here is a few exclusive pictures I wanted to share with you all :)


1st March 2013 4pm

I am so excited that my FACEON magazine spread is out this month at last!!!! it is very exciting to be involved with such an evolving brilliant magazine that people can see globally please dont forget to order your copy ISSUE 11 to read my interview :) at

Here is a SNEAK PREVIEW ;)

14th February 2013 1pm

Hi everyone and Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you all find love and embrace it with both hands :)

5th February 2013 12pm

I recently came by across a new Chinese eating house with my family called the Chin’s Szechwan. It is is clean,and furnished to be functional, The young waitress are exceptionally friendly and be warned though that the chef took her sweet time to cook and because they often have full house, which meant 20 minutes of waiting time should be included to your dinner time.
My constant companion for my every chinese meal is the excellent jazmine tea,and I love that they serve their tea in such a pretty cup, makes the whole drinking process more lady like. For dessert we were offered a sweet banana powdered with sugar on top ,the treat was the unanimous winner.The food is delicious and the price is unbeatable.but one can only eat so much… the meals are always satisfactory and I will always come back and I will gladly recommend this one to others.


23rd January 2013 2pm

Breaking Exciting News!!! :)

I am proud and excited to let you all know I have a two page spread including interview in the “Classy and Brilliant”  “FACEON” magazine the World’s leading, luxury glossy magazine for Make- Up Artists, Professional photographers and Modelling fraternity viewed in over 87 countries.  

With special thanks to Richard Sumner (Company Director, Executive, Creative Director FACEON) and Natasha Booth (Company Director, Editor and Chief For their Friendliness, Help, Support and Professionalism. 

Please pre-order your copy now!! and add the site below to see their wonderful on-going work.

16th January 2013 12pm

Hi everyone I just thought i would share with you all a little of my beautiful trip to Berlin Germany, I am very blessed to travel the world for my work and pleasure and appreciate every place and every culture :)

4th January 2013 12pm

Ok so my first post of 2013 and wanted it to be a special one something i could share with you all :) so here is a video of my secret visit to see Bond cars. If you Like “James Bond” ”Fast Cars” and “Bond Girls” you will love this with previously unseen Eliza Video footage and Hot pics ;)

22nd December 2012 12pm

Had a lovely day today Chillaxing and shopping in Sutton-in Ashfield and met some really cool new friends while there too!!, they wanted to have picture with me so thought i would share it here too :) Thank you sweet friends and i want your Pink bag!! ;) lol


20th December 2012 12pm

Big Photoshoot today for Magazine out in New Year, all Hush Hush at moment but shoot was with someone i have always wanted to shoot with the brilliant Bruce Smith, here is a sneak preview behind scenes but its extremely hot work ;) lol and it was great to use Lacura again it is so perfect for my skin.

18th December 2012 12pm

Just thought i would tell you about my day today, I went to a secret place where there was cars worth 4 million UK pounds It was amazing and like something from a James Bond movie, cant tell you where though ;) lol


18th December 2012 8am

Very tired from Jet Lag but always warmed when i get my first beautiful breakfast in bed my favourite Oatmeal  :)

16th December 2012 10am

Hi All, Just about to set off for my Christmas working holiday in UK and Germany :) I love going back to UK its where my heart is now and can spend time with my hunny ;)


30th November 2012 9am

Hi Everyone, I have been busy in recording studio amongst other projects but one of the honours that has been bestowed on me is to sample and review a product for Lacura as you will already know this is a pleasure for me as I fell in Love with Lacura when in UK so I have been trialing their new BB Cream. This is my first BB cream and I have to say: I LOVE IT! wink wink!


OIL CONTROL: hmmm…let me see…it’s kind of good. After some hours I have to fix it with powder but I’m not as oily as I used to be when I don’t have it on, so that is really great! ^_^^_^

AROMA: I think it has a delcate fragrance…my bf even noticed and said that I had a love aroma XD haha

TEXTURE: One word: Remarkable. I absolutely adore the way my skin feels with this BB cream on. It leaves my skin feeling light, fresh, vibrant and virtually make-up free. Unlike some other BB creams and foundataions I’ve tried, BB cream doesn’t leave you with the I-no-doubt-have-make-up-on feeling at all. With it on, it makes me feel like I have the skin texture every girl wants!

COVERAGE:  This BB fits into my skin colour….i was surprise being partly asian european which i have a yellow undertone, I can easily blend it in for it to match better with my skin tone. Especially when it oxidizes a little, this BB cream seems to match my skin tone perfectly! BB cream made my skin looks flawless, It gives my skin a radiance. When I had applied, it didn’t cover as much as I expected. But my face looked and felt as smooth as silk and it was like I didn’t have any make up on my face. This is absolutely an advantage.

OVERALL RATING: I absolutely fell in love with this product.It’s perfect when I need a natural look and I don’t need to  cover notable imperfections. Perfect for every day. At the end of the day my skin is mosturized and relaxed.

This product is AMAZING….love you BB cream…


2nd November 2012 9am

Missing UK already but one thing I wanted everyone to know about is this brilliant new Make Up I unearthed and can be found at all  Aldi Superstore “Lacura” make up complimenting my skin…Thank you  Lacura , After my years struggling to find the right blend and all expensive cosmetics and wasted money i threw down the drain..this very inexpensive make up was just amazing..

I love you Lacura!!




31st October 2012 am

Well its Halloween again the day of gouls and ghosts :) lol Always a day of big celebration here in USA but i wanted to share a little video with my music and scenery from the beautiful UK a place very close to my heart.


25th October 2012 4pm

Excited!!! The countdown begins!! 2 hours and counting to my radio show with Stuart Phillips celebrity hairstylist to the stars, dont forget just press on the “LISTEN LIVE” button 6pm to 7pm “UK TIME” at hope you can all listen :) :)

Thank You Stuart for the wonderful interview and hospitality, you spend saturday night with Samuel L.Jackson and sunday night with Eliza..quite a pleasure..xx!/stuartphillipsfanpage


23rd October 2012 1pm

Shoot and Bollywood promo went great, cant wait to upload pics but have to go back to San Diego today :( so sad to be leaving UK my second home hope to be back soon


22nd October 2012 9am

Great day today cant wait, fantastic shoot with Eddie Baldiszar in afternoon before my bollywood promo video tonight NEED to keep practising to get it right ;) lol


21st October 2012 8pm

What a wonderful day in the company of Stuart Phillips celebrity hairstylist to the stars, It was one the the highlights of my trip doing the radio show with him, pictures to follow and show to be aired 25th October 6pm to 8pm UK time on Guessradio please tune in and listen to my music and upcomming projects ;)


20th October 2012 6pm

It was such a beautiful afternoon here at country park Mansfield UK behind scenes preview from my new exercise CD for equipment i am endorsing coming soon, it is so so good and i am so proud to be part of it :)


18th October 2012 4pm

Got to go home today :( I will miss Barcelona but enjoyed another great shoot with Top Barcelona photographer Manuel. But looking forward to my projects in UK :)


16th October 2012 1pm

Another great day in Barcelona :) and my shoot turned out amazing heres a sneak preview for my fans.


15th October 2012 2pm

First day in Barcelona, beautiful city of culture and looking forward to shoot later :)


13th October 2012 3pm

Having lovely time in UK, maybe big party tonight but Hotel Hesperia already booked for Barcelona ;) cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!

11th October 2012 2pm

Back in England UK my beautiful second home :) Shoot today at beautiful country home Haddon Hall and preparing for my Bollywood promo.

31st July 2012 1pm

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a light ale in an old english pub :)


30th July 2012 10am

Ok Time for some shopping, well we all need retail Theraphy right ? :)

29th July 2012 8am

Time for a quick break to Paris the city of culture

25thth July 2012 7am

Olympic opening ceremony was Awesome UK really did themselves proud !! what a world we live in :)

25th July 2012 11am

Well here we go on another Journey a sponsorship job at the london olympics, cant wait to get there my heart is always in UK :) pictures to follow

18th July 2012 10am

Going to DelMar Race track and you will be interviewed by yours truly to be featured for San Diego Lifestyle in cooperation with Snow TV Production..See you all in your best hats…:)

15th July 2012 9am

Big shoot today with world renowned photographer Jean De Passy, cant wait to work with the master lensman who has worked for clients like Channel No 5 :) I am also being lined up for a movie and TV show updates to come :)

12th June 2012 5am

Well Its my Birthdayyyy :) so up early, thanks for the 1000′s of birthday greetings so far from all over world :)

Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life.
Thank you Lord Im alive and healthy
I Thank all the people who remembered me today
by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes.
When I close my eyes and prepare to blow out the candles on my birthday cake,
I won’t just be making a wish. I’ll be taking a moment to appreciate my life more,
and all of the wonderful, beautiful, things that make it all worthwhile.
I am looking forward positively this next chapter of my life…more adventures bring it on…




31st May 2012 1pm

Hello everyone, Its been a busy few months with projects and shoots but just wanted to drop by for an update. I am currently being considered for heading up a jewelery campaign and only yesterday had a shoot/project with one of USA’s best photographers Phillip Ritchie, thanks again Phillip for a wonderful experience of working with a true pro and master lensman and thank you for your sweet encomium of our collaboration on my MM page.


26th April 2012 11.00pm

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to drop by and let you all know where i am on my travels at the moment, I know you all worry :) lol. Well I am on a shoot in Kuala Lumpur, its hot, sticky but lovely. So Anyway just wanted to share a couple of personal pictures with you :) hope you likey !!!

20th March 2012 11:00am

Hi everyone not getting on here as often as I should :( sighh. Been so busy with trying to build my empire and also currently finalizing to big european projects details later :)  hopefully anyway here is a special picture just for you all. love Ya!!!

2nd March 2012 11:30am

Hi Everyone sorry not been around for a while, been busy busy with shoots and my Eliza Introductions. Hope you all had a good Valentines :) here is a unsees picture from my recent Fede shoot in Argentina, hope you like !! :)

2nd February 2012 10am

Hi everyone just dropped by to tell you all a little about my day and again share some of my travels : ) just off out for meeting about my new business website please feel free to go see it after all we all need love dont we ?

Here is a video of my beautiful moving visit to Fatima in Portugal where there was once an apparition to three small children it was a lovely place, please enjoy :)

29th January 2012 9am

Hi all long time no blog :( sighh sorry for taking so long but lots on, anyway i wanted to share some of my travels :) home..the land of Angels..the Pillar of Hercules..This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, this other Eden, demi-paradise; this fortress, built by nature for herself. This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

Nice totally blew me away,I really enjoyed the mixture of the Italian and French cultures, The sceneries of the Mediterranean ocean, the precipitous mountains, the pebbly beaches, the azure sky and water were just incredible,I made a list of towns and villages i visited,Eze,Menton,Antibes,great Provencal Ohhh … how i just loved , loved the Marche Provencal at Antibes..yes i will return…

This was one of the most beautiful quaint restraunts i have ever seen in England :)

31st December 2011 11am “UK Time” :)

Ok last day of 2011 so before i left UK I wanted to send a little new years message to all my friends and fans around the globe :) Its been a wonderful trip to UK with a lot of projects planned and contacts built. Now its time for 2012 the “Year of the Farrari” hopefully lol Happy New Year to one and all feeeel the love :)

30th December 2011 11am “UK” Time :)

Well had a lovely Christmas with my sweetheart in UK, very British and still have a lot more shopping to do before flying back to San Diego :( sighhhh. Hopefully back soon for more projects and ;) keep your ear to the ground and see it here first when I have story written about me in UK national press ;) lol.

24th December 2011 8pm “UK” Time :)

Hi everyone, geeze only just got time to post sorry to everyone, been so busy here with networking, meetings and shoots, just wanted to swing on by to wish everyone a great xmas, everyones support means the world to me. BTW… Just made another one of my legendary “Bread Puddings” for my huney :) and wanted to share it with you all.

18th December 2011 9am

Up early Jog first and then lots of Christmas presents still to get before leaving for UK sighhh :(   Hey which reminds me, for that last minute Christmas gift dont forget my exclusive signed Eliza Calendar, you can see me every day ;) lol. Press Paypal Button below…..

17th December 2011 4pm

Ok my Calendar is ready with exclusive pictures and personally signed by “Moi” :) you know it is a gift you all want :) please purchase on paypal link below.

 15th December 2011 10:30am

Just getting ready for Jog, positive body means positive mind :) need to start packing soon for UK sighhh. Still lots of meetings and engagements to go to before Eliza takes over world ;) lol

14th December 2011 11am

Just finalizing all my meetings and projects in UK, very excited cant wait and hopefully having story written about me in English Press :) already booked for VIP Red Carpet Fashion Models Event in Amika Nightclub London, Kensington.

11th December 2011 12pm

Good Morning alll ! :) just putting my finishing touches to my Calendar with exclusive pictures and personal signing :) it will be on sale soon its a gift nobody can be without ;) lol and dont forget the signed Eliza poster too ;) lol. Probably go for jog shortly and then back to planning my next trip :)

10th December 2011 11am

Just finalizing my Christmas trip to UK with a few promotion meetings/Parties planned and national newspaper story to discuss, exciting times for me :) I think i will make one of my delicious Bread puddings again, one of the many recipes i have picked up on my international travels :)


5th December 2011 9am

Ok time to get this blog on my new site rolling ;) up bright and early this morning with the lark :) shower, and jog then off to meeting bright eyed and bushy tailed :) oh then maybe make one of my Bread puddings :) see it on my facebook page :)

17th November 2011 1oam

Not feeling too well today but looking forward to upcoming big project :)

15th November 2011 7am

Still trying to get over my jetlag from Asia :( sighh,  just hope all my business meetings bear fruit :) maybe have a jog later and feel better :)

11th November 2011 11am

Just chilling on a lazy San Diego Friday Morning, looks like sun today :) possible shoot later, dont forget its 11/11/11 so back number 11 lol,